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[News] Free Software Seems Like Healthcare's Future

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Are open source electronic health records the future? 

,----[ Quote ]
| Though West Virginia may not be in the top national rankings when it comes to 
| overall health, wealth and education, it is leading the way in electronic 
| health record (EHR) open source adoption.   
| Recently the state chose to adopt EHRs the old fashioned way...by stealing 
| from the federal government...sort of. By tapping into the Veteran's Affairs 
| (VA) EHR system that is available to health providers at no cost, West 
| Virginia became the first state to adopt the EHR system state-wide, 
| implementing the software across its state-run hospitals and nursing homes.      


W.Va. saves money on electronic medical records

,----[ Quote ]
| Doctors and hospitals in the U.S. worry about costs as they switch over from 
| paper patient records to electronic systems, but West Virginia's seven 
| state-run health care facilities have found a cost-friendly solution.  
| Using open-source software based on the system in Veterans Administration 
| hospitals, they're avoiding millions of dollars in licensing fees. 



Healthcare Conference to Focus on Open Source Solutions

,----[ Quote ]
| Panels, presentations, and Birds of a Feather meetings are certainly the
| highlight of next month's Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE), but that's
| not the only thing happening during the event. The Demonstrating Open Source
| Health Care Solutions (DOHCS) conference will be co-located with SCALE and
| both will get underway on Friday, February 20, 2009.

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