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Re: [News] The Criminals From Redmond Sabotage ODF

Erik Funkenbusch wrote:
On Mon, 11 May 2009 00:46:03 +0200, Peter Köhlmann wrote:

Erik Funkenbusch wrote:

On Sat, 09 May 2009 08:34:28 -0500, Matt wrote:

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

| The technical details are all on Rob’s blog, but in summary, when
| opening an ODF spreadsheet (.ods file) using Office 2007, it simply
| removes all existing formulas without telling anything to the user,
| leaving only the values in cells (results of formulas evaluation,
| previously stored in the document). If a user wants to test the ODF
| support in Office, and without giving due attention, save an existing
| spreadsheet, will overwrite the document removing all the formulas
| (as if you were writing a table). I saw absurdities in life, but
| nothing compared to this.


Oh, the standards bodies and antitrust regulators are going to love
this.  This in itself ought to be worth half a billion in fines.
Sure, just as soon as someone identifies what part of the standard
Microsoft is violating.
The part they themselves previously supported maybe?

Isn't it mightily nice of them to "import" (for small enough values of "import") ODF spreadsheets, strip away the formulars, don't tell the user anything about them doing so, and then letting the hapless user clobbering the original file because he had no idea that MS was again a bunch of incompetent nitwits, unable to do what everybody else could do?

*That* part maybe?

What's wrong with that?

The ODF standard specifically says you can do that.

Oh yeah?  Let's see some more about that.

I wouldn't be surprised that it didn't make it into COLA were it not for the presence of some anti-Linux elements. Maybe I just missed it.

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