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[News] Linux Celebrates Mother's Day

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Why Your Mother Wants You to Use Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| 4. You don't have to ask her for money to buy new computer hardware to cope 
| up with the latest software since there are lightweight and 
| resource-efficient Linux distros that could make your old computer fly. So 
| another money saved and another spa for your mother.   
| 5. She wants you stop using bad words after a BSOD. Linux rarely crashes so 
| she should be happy hearing you say "Wow" instead of "F*@k!" or "S#%t!" :-) 


Happy mother's day, Linus Torvalds 

,----[ Quote ] 
| Today, May 10th 2009, is Mother's day for many countries around the world 
| from Anguilla to Zimbabwe. How fitting, then, to offer a tribute to Linus 
| Torvalds, the "mother" of Linux.  



Your mom runs Ubuntu? Join the team? She doesn’t yet? Help her. And join the

,----[ Quote ]
| After having a lot of chats with friends I’s surprised how many of them
| said “Yes, I installed Ubuntu on my mom’s pc.” So I assume there is a growing
| user group which will never pop up in blogs, user groups or fairs: your mom,
| the mom of your friend and mine.


Security and your mother's Linux box

,----[ Quote ]
| From the point of view of a user who's only going to use the PC for web
| browsing, word processing and one or two other simple tasks like that, the
| best solution is to move to an alternative platform. The big opportunity,
| which some Linux distributions are now obviously seizing, is to produce Linux
| PCs and Linux laptops that just work, which don't need anyone to know what a
| Tar file is, let alone how to compile stuff.

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