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Re: [News] Microsoft to be Denounced by ODF Allience for ODF Sabotage

Marti van Lin wrote:

> Clogwog the identity thief wrote:
>> "Peter Köhlmann" <peter-koehlmann@xxxxxxxxxxx> schreef in bericht
>> news:gu5ugu$5gp$01$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>> Megabyte wrote:
>>>> Where everyone knows your name: ODF 1.1 formula support in Office SP2
>>>> At the very least, it is regrettable drafting. One of the disciplines
>>>> that ISO review is supposed to bring is clarity in the usage of could,
>>>> should, must, can, may and other terms: the status of every part
>>>> (whether normative required, normative optional, normative deprecated,
>>>> normative disallowed or informative) should be clear. Indeed, a real
>>>> effort was made to make IS26300 conform to the ISO requirements (see
>>>> IS26300 s1.2 Notation) but the use of the particular ISO fast-track
>>>> procedure by OASIS (the PAS procedure) in effect by-passed this review
>>>> at ISO. The result: a standard with holes.
>>>> <http://broadcast.oreilly.com/2009/05/odf-11-formula-support-in-office-
>>> sp2.html>
>>> And yet all others got it working, except Microsoft.
>>> MSO importing ODF spreadsheets -> *none* working
>>> MSO exporting ODF spreadsheets -> *none* working
>>> Quite an achievement!
>> Just use your kill file to stop their posts from appearing and upsetting
>> you Peter.
>> Love, Marti from Maastricht.
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> Hey identity thief, what happened to Dizum?
> You know identity theft is illegal, don't you?

Same tactics as used by terrorists.

May be micoshaft is now sponsoring terrorists.

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