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Re: My first service call

Terry Porter wrote:
> The users are a single mother and two childern a boy of 6 and a girl of 5,
> who had never seen Linux before, and who have had zero training on it.

I have installed GNU/Linux in computers that are used by many children and
have yet to see any of them have difficulty adapting to it and they have no
no formal training. At most they get tips once in a while and mostly
discover how to work with it for them selves. This includes children that
barely know how to read.

>It's used daily, the kids love the edutainment apps,

Kids love games and love to play. Good kids apps explore these aspects.

>and love having their *own login and password*.

I have noticed that to! :) They like to have their own "place" on the

I setup five used computers with GNU/Linux on a "kinder garden" for the kids
to use. The kids ages range from 5 to 9 years old. I took a picture of each
kid and put it in the login screen so that the kids could just click on
their picture and enter their "place" (no password needed in this case but
the older kids wanted passwords).

About two weeks later, a girl (about 6) offered me a drawing to thank me for
the computers. Do all kids like to draw suns and blue clouds even when
drawing an indoor scene? LOL. I digitized the drawing and placed it as the
background of her desktop. She was by my side looking when I did it and her
the expression on her face "paid" for all the work!

Some weeks later I went there again and one of the teachers told me to take
a look at the computers. Many of the kids had changed the background images
(some even customized more than that). The teacher told me the girl who
gave my the drawing had been teaching the other kids how to do it.

So, yes, the kids do like having their own login, their own place, and the
older kids also want their password.

> Further proof that a boy of 6 and a girl of 5 are each smarter than all
> the trolls put together on COLA!

It is proof that kids adapt better and are more open to new experiences then
many adults.


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