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[News] [Rival] Europe Wants Microsoft Liable for Its Shoddy Software

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Should Software Developers Be Liable for their Code?

,----[ Quote ]
| Should Microsoft pay for the billions of dollars of damage that flaws in its 
| software have caused around the world? It might have to, if a new European 
| Commission consumer protection proposal becomes law. Although that sounds an 
| appealing prospect, one knock-on consequence could be that open source coders 
| would also be liable for any damage that errors in their software caused.    
| Here's what the European Commission is proposing:
| A priority area for possible EU action is "extending the principles of 
| consumer protection rules to cover licensing agreements of products like 
| software downloaded for virus protection, games or other licensed content", 
| according to the commissioners' agenda. "Licensing should guarantee consumers 
| the same basic rights as when they purchase a good: the right to get a 
| product that works with fair commercial conditions."     
| EU consumer commissioner Kuneva said that more accountability for software 
| makers, and for companies providing digital services, would lead to greater 
| consumer choice.  


Hackers breach UC Berkeley computer database

,----[ Quote ]
| University of California, Berkeley, officials said Friday that hackers 
| infiltrated restricted computer databases, putting at risk health and other 
| personal information on 160,000 students, alumni and others.  



In zombies we trust

,----[ Quote ]
| A little over a year ago, I wrote an editorial where in back-of-the-envelope 
| style (.pdf) I estimated that perhaps 15-30% of all privately owned computers 
| were no longer under the sole control of their owner. In the intervening 
| months, I received a certain amount of hate mail but in those intervening 
| months Vint Cert guessed 20-40%, Microsoft said 2/3rds, and IDC suggested 
| 3/4ths. It is thus a conservative risk position to assume that any random 
| counterparty stands a fair chance of being already compromised.      


Secure web browsing through Live Linux distros

,----[ Quote ]
| Banking isn't the be-all and end-all: there's many other reasons you'd 
| want a secure system, separate from what's on the hard disk, besides 
| Internet banking. Traveller's can't necessarily trust the integrity of 
| a computer in an Internet cafe.


Online banking fraud 'up 8,000%'

,----[ Quote ]
| The UK has seen an 8,000% increase in fake internet banking scams
| in the past two years, the government's financial watchdog has warned.
| The Financial Services Authority (FSA) told peers it was "very concerned" 
| about the growth in "phishing".


New banking code cracks down on out-of-date software

,----[ Quote ]
| The banking industry has re-affirmed a policy that makes online banking 
| customers responsible for losses if they have out of date anti-virus or 
| anti-phishing protection. New Banking Codes for consumers and businesses took 
| effect on Monday.   

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