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[News] Next USPTO Director Could be from IBM

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USPTO Director announcement imminent as a new name enters the frame

,----[ Quote ]
| Three names have been in the frame for the job up to now: Todd Dickinson, 
| David Kappos and James Pooley.  


Dave Kappos as Next PTO Director?


Patent Thickets and Patent Trolls:

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| Moreover, this new definition would now include many corporations, such as 
| IBM, which collect patents, not for manufacturing purposes, but to use them 
| as a shield against patent infringement lawsuits. (Coincidentally, two 
| commentators to my prior post on incremental invention mentioned IBM's 
| practice of hoarding patents.) In sum, IBM, which has long been one of the 
| largest owners of patents in the country, uses patents defensively. Its 
| policy has been one of “mutually assured destruction,” i.e., if someone 
| threatens to sue it for patent infringement, then it promises that it can 
| find a patent in its massive patent portfolio with which to countersue for 
| infringement. This policy has worked marvelously well for IBM, which has 
| mostly avoided patent infringement lawsuits and has been left free to devote 
| its time, energy and money to developing new products and services that it 
| offers in the marketplace. But IBM's policy of hoarding patents is 
| certainly "patent troll"-like behavior — patents are being used solely for 
| litigation purposes and not for development of actual products sold in the 
| marketplace.               



EPO seeks to validate software patents without the European Parliament

,----[ Quote ]
| At the highest level of the European Patent Office (EPO), the legality of
| software patents in Europe is about to be tested. The FFII warns that the
| European Parliament is being bypassed by allowing a decision with EU-wide
| implications to be made without its involvement or any real debate.
| The President of the European Patent Office (EPO), Alison Brimelow, has asked
| the Enlarged Board of Appeal (EBA) to decide on the interpretation of the
| European Patent Convention (EPC) regarding the exclusion of software from
| patentability. The EBA is replacing the European Parliament in order to
| validate software patents EU-wide without the need of a debate.

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