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[News] EPO in a Bad State

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Software patents plot buried under amicus avalanche

,----[ Quote ]
| The EPO's latest attempt to validate their widely criticized practice of 
| software patenting has been met with a much stronger response than expected. 
| This broad public interest comes in reaction to the referral on the 
| patentability of software to the Enlarged Board of Appeal. The referral 
| procedure allows interested third parties to file statements - Amicus Curiae 
| Briefs - to present their views to the members of the board. The Enlarged 
| Board of Appeals asked for such statements to be submitted by end of April 
| and a total of 89 such statements have been published by the Register so far.       


EPO Looks To Future Technologies, 2010 Leadership Change 

,----[ Quote ]
| Meanwhile, European Patent Office (EPO) President Alison Brimelow informed 
| her staff that she will “not be seeking extension” when her current 
| three-year contract is up at the end of June 2010, EPO Director for Media 
| Relations Rainer Osterwalder told Intellectual Property Watch. Choosing a new 
| president is the member-driven job of the administrative council of the EPO, 
| but it is unclear when they will start such a process.     


Patents: fixable, or the next weapons of financial destruction?

,----[ Quote ]
| At that point Simon dropped a bomb. "This is something we should definitely 
| fix," the Intel counsel said. "Right now there's $35 billion out there trying 
| to buy patents and form them into pools. And I can tell you that there is 
| much more money coming in soon."   
| Even more dire, Simon said that recently one of the experts on his team had 
| been approached with a job offer from an investment bank. The bank is putting 
| together a team to pool patents and create financial derivatives based on the 
| pools.   
| This would, in effect, create a mechanism by which speculators could bet on 
| the future cash flow from patents. Because more aggressive litigation would 
| be expected to increase the flow, it is likely that a patent derivatives 
| market would significantly further increase the assertion of patents by NPEs, 
| and hence further increase the risk of innovation for real technology 
| companies.     



IAM exclusive - Brimelow to quit as EPO President

,----[ Quote ]
| Alison Brimelow will not seek reappointment as President of the European
| Patent Office when her current term expires at the end of June 2010, it was
| announced today. Rainer Osterwalder, Director of Media Relations at the EPO,
| told IAM this afternoon: "Yes, I can confirm that Alison Brimelow has
| informed the EPO staff today that she will not seek an extension of her
| contract which ends on 30 June 2010."

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