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Re: Calls to Boycott Microsoft Office for ODF Snub, Pollution

On May 8, 9:18 pm, Megabyte <megabyte.NoS...@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> > Hash: SHA1
> > Microsoft now attempts to sabotage ODF
> > ,----[ Quote ]
> > | - Ask the ODF Alliance to publish a press release recommending not using
> > | the "Save as ODF" facility included MS Office SP2, due to the bad quality of
> > | the produced ODF files.  
> > |
> > | [...]
> > |
> > | - Start a petition asking Microsoft to make MS Office SP2 unavailable until
> > | the design flaws in the product have been corrected.
> > |
> > | We must make it clear to Microsoft that their attitude is not acceptable, and
> > | force them to behave in a better way.
> > `----
> >http://www.noooxml.org/forum/t-154383/microsoft-now-attempts-to-sabot...
> ODF Spreadsheet Bickering: What It Means to an Enterprise
> The whole reason for this debate is that ODF did not initially define
> formulas.

So, this lack of formula definition must be why OpenOffice, Google
Docs, Clever Age, Sun's plugin, KSpread and Symphony managed to come
up with a solution by which their spreadsheets can be shared?  No that
can't be it.

> If early versions of ODF had defined formulas, we’d never have
> this battle of the blogs.

Get real Megabyte.  Microsoft would put out a crappy ODF product no
matter what quality of spec.  MS did not add the ODF package because
they need spreadsheet capability.  They already have that.  The reason
for the MS implementation is to trash what everyone else is doing.
The purpose of having a standard is to, you know, interoperate.  Can
the MS product interoperate?  NO.  Microsoft's management lawyered up
with the ODF standard and brought forth a junker that outputs files
that are next to useless.

> At the time that ODF came into being, it was
> clear that coming up with a standard for formulas was going to be a long
> and contentious battle. There were two schools of thought—(1) the "let’s
> take our time and do it right school" and (2) the "we can’t afford to
> wait; we’ll figure it out later" school. School #2 won.

So nothing should be done until everything is perfect?  Microsoft
doesn't agree with that.  Just look at the quality of Windows
security, and damn near everything else they touch.

But I do like the dishonesty of your blaming the ODF spec.

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