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[News] Calls to Boycott Microsoft Office for ODF Snub, Pollution

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Microsoft now attempts to sabotage ODF

,----[ Quote ]
| - Ask the ODF Alliance to publish a press release recommending not using 
| the "Save as ODF" facility included MS Office SP2, due to the bad quality of 
| the produced ODF files.  
| [...]
| - Start a petition asking Microsoft to make MS Office SP2 unavailable until 
| the design flaws in the product have been corrected. 
| We must make it clear to Microsoft that their attitude is not acceptable, and 
| force them to behave in a better way. 



@jassand @dmahugh sez ODF not a "standard"!? http://tinyurl.com/d76cer But
ODF=ISO26300, implemented widely! MSFT is disingenuous here.


Don't let Microsoft cripple the ODF standard - don't use Office 2007 SP2's
support: use the Sun plug-in instead http://is.gd/vFWA

Microsoft vs. ODF: arrogance on display

,----[ Quote ]
| Note to Microsoft: This is not how standards work. Frankly, if you don’t 
| intend to support ODF properly, you may as well not support it at all. What 
| your product writes isn’t ODF. When your product reads ODF, it silently 
| discards important parts of the data. (Yes, the formulas in spreadsheets are 
| important. That’s the whole purpose of a spreadsheet program! Otherwise we 
| may as well be using pencil, paper, and calculators.)     


Should we waterboard Rob Weir? And other crucial questions…

,----[ Quote ]
| These are very interesting times for ODF and Open Standards. Microsoft’s 
| latest outrage by Gray Knowlton does at least show that if there’s a company 
| who practices the « Do as I say, not as I do », it’s Microsoft. Gray Knowlton 
| is now calling for Rob Weir, chair of the ODF Technical Committee at the 
| OASIS Consortium to resign. I understand Gray. Gray is the Product Manager of 
| Microsoft Office at Microsoft. Which means he is ultimately to blame for the 
| lousy job Microsoft engineers have done in implementing ODF inside Microsoft 
| Office. Gray is in the front line, and you can bet he’s having to answer some 
| tough calls from customers right now. Gray does not have to ride the smooth « 
| try Seven after Vista » wave; he has to go through the clutter that 
| Microsoft’s big heads have created by thinking: What if we had ODF wrecked 
| inside Office and get the world to believe that it’s not our fault? That’s 
| Gray’s problem. And this is how we come to the waterboarding of Rob. But I 
| digress.             
| [...]
| Bad, bad, evil Rob. Not only he didn’t go to your grand astroturfing party, 
| but he apparently forgot to mention SP2 at the coffee machine ten times in a 
| rowthe day you released it. That must be depressing. Anyway; talking about 
| missing the chance to provide your input before things happen: How come 
| Microsoft left the OASIS ODF TC in 2003?    



The Fall of Microsoft Office

,----[ Quote ]
| On the same day that the state of New York published a report supporting open
| formats for electronic documents, mighty Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) said that
| it would support the open-source ODF format in Office 2007. Redmond's own
| Open Office XML specification may be heading for the great Recycle Bin in the
| sky, never to come back.
| [...]
| I can't say that Google or Sun or anybody else just won a bigger share of the
| office software market, and if they did, it won't help their revenue or
| profits directly anyway. But it's clear as day that Microsoft just took a
| serious hit, and the impact may take a long time to make itself felt but it
| will come.


Is Microsoft Office in trouble?

,----[ Quote ]
| And, now Microsoft isn't hurrying to support its own format, but it is moving
| to support PDF and ODF... Could it be that all those copies of Office 2007
| Microsoft boasts of selling are collecting dust at reseller and retailer
| warehouses instead of being used on office systems? Could users be sticking
| with their older copies of Office and when they do want to move to something
| newer, they're moving to OpenOffice and Google instead?
| Interesting isn't it?


Microsoft can’t support Open XML

,----[ Quote ]
| If Microsoft can’t give users a compelling reason to switch from their old
| version of Office to Office 14 their cash-flow is going to slow down
| considerably.


Is Office the new Netscape?

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the cornerstones of Microsoft's competitive strategy over the years
| has been to redefine competitors' products as features of its own products.
| Whenever some upstart PC software company started to get traction with a new
| application - the Netscape browser is the most famous example - Microsoft
| would incorporate a version of the application into its Office suite or
| Windows operating system, eroding the market for the application as a
| standalone product and starving its rival of economic oxygen (ie, cash). It
| was an effective strategy as well as a controversial one.
| Now, though, the tables may be turning. Google is trying to pull a Microsoft
| on Microsoft by redefining core personal-productivity applications -
| calendars. word processing, spreadsheets, etc. - as features embedded in
| other products. There's a twist, though. Rather than just incorporating the
| applications as features in its own products, Google is offering them up to
| other companies, particularly big IT vendors, to incorporate as features in
| their products.


Microsoft earnings post-mortem: The cash cows quiver

,----[ Quote ]
| I can’t help but wonder if the lackluster Windows/Office results also can be
| attributed to Microsoft brass’s complete and crazy obsession with Google (and
| taking over Yahoo) has resulted in no one minding the Windows store. Kevin
| Johnson, the head of Microsoft’s Platforms & Services division seems to be so
| laser-focused on the online-ad business these days that he almost seems to
| have forgotten Microsoft is still in the software business, too.
| Microsoft execs’ claims about walking away from the Yahoo deal are nothing
| more than bluster. A protracted hostile takeover bid is just going to
| distract not just employees in Microsoft’s online services business, but
| company management, too. It’s not a pretty picture.


Microsoft Pays $200 for Mentioning Its Tools

,----[ Quote ]
| If you're a professor and you mention Microsoft programming tools in a
| scholarly presentation -- in fact, even if you just use the tools --
| Microsoft will send you a check for $200.


Remember to install extensions for OpenOffice.org

,----[ Quote ]
| The flexibility of open source, and the handy Extensions system, lets the
| community write functionality for OpenOffice.org without having to make it
| part of the main program...


Proofreading in OpenOffice.org

,----[ Quote ]
| Grammar checking is a feature that was missed in OpenOffice.org for quite
| some time. Grammar checking software for several languages is available,
| either as standalone tools or integrated into other programs. I prefer the
| name “proofreading” for this kind of software, as usually these programs go
| beyond checking grammar. Some offer style checking, others may check text
| against abstract rules. In general the task for this kind of software is to
| check and improve text regarding anything else than simple spell checking
| (though it makes sense to include spell checking into the process as this
| helps to analyze the text).


New Features in OpenOffice.org 3.1, an Early Look

,----[ Quote ]
| OpenOffice.org 3.1 is 65 days away, and developers are finishing up more than
| 1000 issues targeted for this Microsoft-Office-killer packing an army of new
| features, enhancements, and bug fixes.


9 Must-Have OpenOffice Extensions

,----[ Quote ]
| Like Firefox, OpenOffice also comes with extensions that you can use to
| improve its functionality. Here, we have tested all the extensions and sorted
| out those that are useful for everyday use. Some of them are for general use
| while some are only meant for Writer, Calc or Impress. (For those who haven’t
| heard about OpenOffice before, it’s a popular free alternative to Microsoft
| Office)


Five Useful Extensions for OpenOffice.org

,----[ Quote ]
| Want to expand OpenOffice.org's default functionality? The official extension
| repository has quite a few extensions you can use to add some nifty features
| to the productivity suite. Precisely which extensions you might find useful
| depends, of course, on your particular needs, but there are at least five
| extensions that deserve a closer look no matter how you use OpenOffice.org.


OpenOffice.org Breaks Records Everywhere

,----[ Quote ]
| All around the world, it seems, people just can't get enough of this amazing
| free office suite, which is now turning in serious market shares in some
| countries. For, example, according to this report, there are now 12 million
| users in Brazil, representing fully 25% of the entire office market there.


BrOffice, the Brazilian OpenOffice, with a life of its own

,----[ Quote ]
| This is affirmed in practice by articles on BrOffice’s website, describing
| how the Digital Program of Paraná State has installed 40,000 copies of
| BrOffice.org at 2,000 state schools, which is 95.24% of the schools of in the
| state of Paraná. Another impressive number is that the House of
| Representatives of Brazil saved R$5 Million (USD$3 Million) by adopting
| BrOffice.org as their office suite.


Open Office vs. MS Office - the Other Key to Windows/Linux Transition

,----[ Quote ]
| So, if your excuse for not giving Linux a try was that you needed to be able
| to work with your Office documents... well, you just ran out of excuses.
| Think of what you will gain, too! No more suffering through all the
| gratuitous menu/toolbar/button changes that Microsoft makes in every new
| Office release. No more suffering through incompatible file formats between
| releases, which Microsoft seems to do every two or three releases - this is
| the second time it has happened that I can recall, and I assume that the
| recent OOXML debacle means that there is another change coming in the next
| Office release. Best of all, no more having to pay to upgrade to the new
| version every time Microsoft sees fit.


The State of Kedah moves to OpenOffice.org

,----[ Quote ]
| A case study submitted to the Open Source Competency Center by the Center of
| Information Technology, Office of the Chief Minister and State Secretary of
| Kedah, has indicated that OpenOffice.org has been installed in 70% of the
| computers in the Kedah state government agencies. There are currently 2,202
| installed seats and by the looks of it, the numbers will just keep rising!


announcing the winner of the splash screen poll

,----[ Quote ]
| I'd like to announce the winner of the splash screen poll. We had a total of
| 789 votes, which is a quite good count! The winner is


The entire State of Pahang moves to OpenOffice.org

,----[ Quote ]
| Its just been made official that the State of Pahang is migrating all its
| productivity suites to OpenOffice.org. This succint memo from the State
| Secretary of Pahang entitled "Perlaksanaan Penggunaan Perisian OpenOffice.Org
| Di Semua Agensi dan Pentadbiran Negeri" (translated: "Implementation of
| OpenOffice.org suite in all State Agencies and Administrative centres")
| outlines the reasons for migrating, the benefits and how to proceed.


90 things that are the same in Microsoft Office and OpenOffice.org

,----[ Quote ]
| I've put together three articles, showing tasks that are the same between
| Microsoft Office and OpenOffice.org.

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