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[News] GNU/Linux is Freedom, Not Just a Better System Technically

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Linux is not about what you see on the screen. 

,----[ Quote ]
| Much as the human being has basic rules to determine our being so does Linux 
| have basic rules. Anarchy is the absence of rules. Outside of that minimal 
| framework the choices are endless. With Linux the question of "Where do you 
| want to go today?" has as many answers as computer users.    



The Kindness of strangers can defeat Proprietary Cloud Computing. Free Software

,----[ Quote ]
| Fashion is fickle. One day thin clients and clusters are the fashion de jour,
| the next it’s Web 2.0, Virtualisation or distributed computing and Grids.
| They who live by the sword of fashion will surely perish by it but a new
| model has been strutting its stuff along the catwalk of web fashion and she
| goes by the name of Cloud Computing. Like all fashions there is a deal of
| hype surrounding it but there is a consistent concern emerging from all that
| hype and is about the dangers of proprietary cloud computing. Richard
| Stallman has called it a “trap”. He is right—but it is more than that. It is
| a well-baited, DRM-like honey trap for the unwary. That is not immediately
| obvious. Like all good traps it suckers you in before the wire noose tightens
| around your neck. You don’t have any wire cutters in your rucksack but you do
| have the GPL and free software to effect an escape. Can it save us from
| vendor lock in and proprietary software?

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