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[News] Free Software Businesses Tell Success Stories

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Sour Grapes

,----[ Quote ]
| At OpenNMS, we are replacing products from HP and IBM at some of the largest 
| companies in the world. We have another client who is going to imbed OpenNMS 
| in their management offering. We’ve been profitable since Day One and we 
| continue to grow year after year. This was due to a lot of hard work on our 
| part, but we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for our community. It’s not 
| hype - it’s just a fact.     


'Long Tail' Guru: 'Free' Not a Four-Letter-Word

,----[ Quote ]
| Advocates of free content have long rallied around the slogan 
| that "information wants to be free." But to author and Wired editor Chris 
| Anderson, content is only the tip of the free iceberg.  
| "With the Internet, we created the most competitive market the world has ever 
| seen," he during his keynote here today at the SIIA-sponsored Software 
| Summit. "What it says is that everything on the Internet will be available in 
| a free version. You will compete with free or be free."    



Germany funnels stimulus cash into open source

,----[ Quote ]
| Programme to boost open source skills in government and industry to receive
| part of Germany’s €500 million IT sector stimulus package
| The German government has revealed that some of €500 million it has earmarked
| for boosting the country’s IT sector during the downturn will be directed
| towards boosting its open source software skills base.

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