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[News] Signs of Growth in the Free Software Market

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The Open-Source Market - Limitless and Forever expanding?

,----[ Quote ]
| In my original post about the practicality of open source business models, I 
| talked about the differences in Kaizen and Kakushin, how they were used, 
| their benefits and disadvantages, and how each could be used to our benefit. 
| In this post, I have decided to go a bit back into basics, take a broader 
| look at things, and actually consider the nature of open-source compared to 
| other models. I left the ending of the last post asking several questions - I 
| will not answer those questions right now, but hopefully the stuff I consider 
| in this post should help understand what solutions are practical and what 
| aren’t.        


Libre.fm Is Gathering Speed

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| Libre.fm is a free network service aimed at replacing Last.fm initially but 
| also going beyond that to develop unique features of it’s own. The service is 
| still in alpha at the moment but it’s developing really quickly. I’ve been 
| impressed by it’s progress and the developer mailing list is packed with 
| action every day. There seems to be a real appetite for an AGPL web service 
| of this kind.      



Open Source in Cloud Computing Really "Under the Radar"

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| According to Wolski, prospective cloud buyers were looking for self service
| and automation as well as protection from unexpected deployment and storage
| costs. Eucalyptus, built from commodity Linux components, currently has a
| services and consulting model but plans to offer premium enterprise products.

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