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Re: [News] DESKTOP Linux Market Share: 3.2%? 6%? 8-10%?

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____/ Lusotec on Wednesday 06 May 2009 13:12 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> | ZDNet reported on Feb 24th, 2004 that the 2003 Linux desktop market
>> | share hit 3.2% and expected it to hit 6% by 2007.
>> | http://blogs.zdnet.com/ITFacts/?p=5334
> I looked for information on how those percentages where measure but found
> nothing. I would guess that they are as fundamentally biased as "Net
> Applications" are.
>> For fools who don't already know this, Microsoft is paying Net
>> Applications.
> I don't know if Microsoft has any influence on "Net Applications" reports
> but they are fundamentally biased anyway and thus can't be used for
> extrapolation to the entire population.

It's mostly US-based, but Net Applications refuses to say just what its
measures are based _on_. Net Applications did admit that its figures are
biased. It was on Opera's Web site.

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