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Re: [News] DESKTOP Linux Market Share: 3.2%? 6%? 8-10%?

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

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> GreyGeek - Subject: Ah, I see that NetApplications primary
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | usiness model is rebranding Windows executables and selling them to
> | unsuspecting rubes.
> | 
> | A year ago Matt Assay said it was at 2.02%
> | 
> | ZDNet reported on Feb 24th, 2004 that the 2003 Linux desktop market
> | share hit 3.2% and expected it to hit 6% by 2007.
> | http://blogs.zdnet.com/ITFacts/?p=5334
> | In 2005 they reported that the 2004 saw the Linux desktop at 4%.
> | I believe that the all the ZDNet figures were spot on. If anything, the
> | Linux desktop market share has continued to increase and is probably
> | currently at 8-10% and rising. Dell and the other PC OEMs wouldn't have
> | invested in selling Linux pre-installed if it appealed only to less than
> | 1% of the desktop market.

Exactly - micoshaft stock is sinking again while Google and other Linux
companies rising. If micoshaft is paying for manipulated Linux uptake
and not reporting the correct linux uptake in their SEC filings, then
investors are being misled. For companies like Micohsaft, these are
billion dollar matters and they should play close attention
to what investors may end up loosing because all that egg is coming
to land right on their door step.

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