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[News] Censorship and Web Abuse Seen in Europe Because Internet Brings Freedom

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Italy's Troubling View Of The Internet

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| However, that's hardly all of the oddities coming out of Italy lately. Of 
| course, like France, the country is looking to implement a three strikes law, 
| but has also required all blogs to register with the government. Then there 
| were the folks who ran an online music store, where they had officially 
| licensed the music for sale, but the IFPI claimed they didn't get all the 
| right licenses, and an Italian court sent them to jail for this (rather than 
| just fining them or passing an injunction). Oh right, and Italian cops have 
| been asking for a back door to listen to Skype calls. And... finally, 
| recently we wrote about a law that the gov't was considering that would ban 
| anonymity online in Italy -- and it just so happened that the law was written 
| by entertainment industry representatives. Add all these up, and it seems 
| that Italy appears to be an incredibly anti-Internet country. You'd have to 
| imagine that can't be good for business.            


The Internet Saved My Tongue

,----[ Quote ]
| The investigation vividly illustrated how Canada’s provincial and national 
| human rights commissions (HRCs), created in the 1970s to police 
| discrimination in employment, housing, and the provision of goods and 
| services, have been hijacked as weapons against speech that offends members 
| of minority groups. My eventual victory over this censorious assault suggests 
| that Western governments will find it increasingly difficult in the age of 
| the Internet to continue undermining human rights in the name of defending 
| them.        



Italian MEP warns of net neutrality rift

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| An Italian MEP, Catiuscia Marini, has warned that net neutrality is proving
| to be a problem in the Telecoms Package trialogue discussions. She mentions
| the issue in a letter  sent in response to concerned emails from  thousands
| of Italian citizens about the threat to net neutrality in the Telecoms
| Package.


Italian bloggers call for support from around the world to fight
blogger-licensing in Italy

,----[ Quote ]
| Last week, I gave a talk in Milan and had the immense pleasure of sitting
| down to lunch with Davide Casaleggio and his colleagues, who work with
| provocateur, dissident and comedian Beppe Grillo on issues related to social
| justice and media in Italy.

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