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[News] Miniature Linux-based Servers (Re)Introduced

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Connecting Linux to a Bubba 2

,----[ Quote ]
| The Bubba 2 isn’t limited to only music streaming. You can share out printers 
| and email as well. But when you’re having to connect from a Linux box, you 
| might have to go through a few more steps than you would with either Windows 
| or Mac. Even with these extra steps, it’s worth it. The Bubba 2 is an 
| outstanding piece of hardware that makes sharing to small networks a snap.    


Tutorial tackles ARM-based web kiosk

,----[ Quote ]
| Part Four of Simtec's series on embedded Linux system development covers the 
| construction of an ARM-based web kiosk system. Written by Vincent Sanders 
| (pictured) and Daniel Silverstone, both from UK-based Simtec Electronics, the 
| tutorial explores power management and other issues involved with deploying 
| an ARM9-based kiosk.    



Hardware Review: Bubba|Two - Return of the Linux-Based Mini Server

,----[ Quote ]
| If you have a need for a near silent, massively energy efficient mini server
| that offers a dizzying amount of functionality and excellent expandability,
| delivered by a great team of enthusiastic developers, then Bubba|Two needs to
| be on your radar.



Montilio And Open Source Systems To Deliver High-Performance File Servers

,----[ Quote ]
| "Montilio's top-performing RapidFile card and Open Source Systems'
| robust and stable computing platforms are a powerful combination,"
| said Amir Hermelin, Director of Product Management of Montilio.
| "With OSS' growing product line and targeted vertical markets, they
| are an ideal partner for Montilio."
| The RapidFile card is currently offered with the 2U and 3U Open
| Series Systems. The OS supported are Suse Linux Enterprise Server(
| SLES) 10 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 4.

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