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[News] Ubuntu News and Installation Instructions for Sub-notebooks

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Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 140

,----[ Quote ]
| Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue #140 for the week April 26th - 
| May 2nd, 2009. In this issue we cover: Karmic Open for Development, Notify 
| OSD to be discussed at Ubuntu UDS Karmic, Ubuntu Open Week Summary, New 
| Ubuntu Member, Ubuntu Hug Day: May 7th, LoCo News: Jaunty Release Parties, 
| Launchpad 2.2.4, Launchpad's web service code released as stand alone 
| libraries, New prefixes in the help sub-forums, Hiding post (bean) counts, 
| Announcing the Ubuntu High Availability Team, Ubuntu Brains, Ubuntu 9.04 does 
| not use ext4 by default, Ubuntu-UK podcast: Partners in Crime, Canonical 
| engaging Ubuntu Software Partners, Team Meeting Summaries for April 2009, and 
| much, much more!         


Installing Ubuntu Netbook Remix from a USB stick 

,----[ Quote ]
| Most netbooks do not ship with an optical drive. Here is how you can make 
| your own bootable USB memory stick with Ubuntu Netbook Remix - the special 
| netbook-optimised version of Canonical's Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope and try 
| out the newest and hottest operating system available today.    



Netbooks: Best of the Best

,----[ Quote ]
| The dominant Windows XP (which now runs about 80 percent of netbooks) will be
| challenged by Linux and Google's Andriod OS.


Are Linux netbooks really returned more often than Windows models?

,----[ Quote ]
| But Philip Solis, an analyst at ABI Research, questions the "reliability" of
| this evidence.
| Solis said in a March research note that Taiwan's MSI had not yet shipped a
| Linux-based Wind at the time of the comment to the magazine. When it did, it
| did "adapt" the operating system for the netbook's smaller size -- an key
| ingredient to Linux's acceptance by consumers, Solis wrote.
| Acer, Asus and Dell have all built customized versions of Linux for their
| netbooks. Solis said that Asus has noted equal return rates for Linux
| netbooks versus those running Windows.
| And while ABI's surveys show U.S. consumers clearly stating their preference
| for Windows netbooks, Solis said that isn't true around the world.
| In Asia, netbook buyers are both thriftier and "and not as tied to the
| Windows environment," Solis said. "They're looking for certain features, but
| they aren't as tied to a certain brand name."
| Solis predicts an increase in Linux netbook shipments this year, from 25% to
| a third of the 35 million netbooks expected to sell globally this year. Under
| that estimate, Linux will be shipped on 11.5 million netbook PCs in 2009.
| Solis is bullish about his prediction because of the coming ARM wave. With
| Microsoft still balking at porting Windows 7 to ARM's mobile CPU, PC makers
| using ARM have no choice but to use Linux.

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