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[News] Ubuntu Derivatives Explored, Minimal Xubuntu 9.04 Reviewed

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20 Ubuntu Derivatives You Should Know About

,----[ Quote ]
| Whether you like Ubuntu or not, it is here to stay. Ubuntu has contributed a 
| lot to the Linux community in sparking interest in new Linux users and 
| opening the doors to “ease-of-use” Linux. Their Influence has spread 
| throughout the Linux community sparking new distributions.   


Minimal Xubuntu 9.04

,----[ Quote ]
| Last week we took a look at how two distributions can be so very different 
| even though they are based on the same technology (and even the same 
| distribution). What we found was that the Ubuntu variant, Xubuntu, which 
| comes with the Xfce desktop, used more than twice the amount of memory over 
| Debian's implementation of the same desktop.    



Group test: netbook distros

,----[ Quote ]
| Our choice: EeeXubuntu
| [...]
| Pupeee very nearly beat it to the top spot: it’s a great, small distro, with
| a lot packed into it. Unfortunately, the WEP problems meant that it just
| slipped below EeeXubuntu in the practical usability stakes. It also lacks the
| range of software that EeeXubuntu has available, even if it can cover the
| basics well. It’s worth noting that Pupeee can easily be run from a Live USB
| key so you could combine the advantages of both distros; all you need to do
| is mount your regular home directory after you’ve booted and saved files
| there. There’s scope for saving data between sessions in a special Pupeee
| file and it will automatically pick this file up again the next time you
| boot.
| Meanwhile, gOS has far and away the best eye candy of the distros tested
| here, and the online integration is great if you’re certain that you’re going
| to have decent network access. It is, however, a little slow and would need
| streamlining before we’d use it regularly.
| Finally, the lack of current packages for Xandros and its dependency on an
| irritating filesystem setup make it the clear loser of the four, although it
| does have an initial functionality edge over EeeXubuntu and gOS.

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