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[News] New Washington Times Columns on the Rise of GNU/Linux

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KELLNER: Linux alternatives to Windows, Mac

,----[ Quote ]
| Shannon VanWagner, a computer systems administrator in Seattle, got the ball 
| rolling because he believes the open-source Linux operating system is our 
| computing salvation. It's free for individuals, more or less; enterprises 
| will want to license a given Linux distribution, or version, in order to get 
| technical support. Because it is open, Linux can be enhanced and refined by 
| any number of programmers, who, in turn, share their work with others.     
| And there are plenty of applications for Linux, some of which I mentioned 
| last week, such as OpenOffice.org's productivity suite. There's GIMP, or the 
| GNU Image Manipulation Program, which is a free competitor to Adobe's 
| Photoshop. If you need Web browsing and e-mail, Mozilla.org offer versions of 
| the Firefox browser and Thunderbird e-mail client; other browsers and e-mail 
| programs abound.     
| Indeed, Mr. VanWagner, whose Humans Enabled blog (www.humans-enabled.com) is 
| high-octane evangelism for Linux, has links that'll help you find dozens of 
| alternatives to Windows and/or Mac applications, just about all of them free 
| for the downloading.    


KELLNER: Competitors soften Microsoft's roar

,----[ Quote ]
| The netbook phenomenon is interesting: The tiny portable computers, with 
| screens as small as 8 inches, run either a low-cost version of Microsoft's 
| Windows XP operating system (lower in licensing price than any of the Windows 
| Vista configurations) or some flavor of the open-source Linux operating 
| system, which is either free or much, much cheaper than even Windows XP. 
| Either way, a lower-cost or no-cost operating system on a netbook siphons 
| money from Microsoft's revenue stream.       



KELLNER: Netbook or notebook: Valuable portability

,----[ Quote ]
| On the Linux side, and especially for the smaller computer users in your
| world, the OLPC, or One Laptop Per Child, XO model - which runs on
| electricity and a hand-cranked battery - is a great choice at just under $400
| at Amazon.com. No, it's not the world's most sophisticated computer, but the
| only way you or I can buy one is to pay enough to let the OLPC folks give one
| to a child in the developing world. That alone makes it worthwhile.


Washington Times releases open source projects

,----[ Quote ]
| The Washington Times has always focused on content. After careful review, we
| determined that the best way to have the top tools to produce and publish
| that content is to release the source code of our in-house tools and
| encourage collaboration.

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