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[News] Helios Takes on the Microsoft Shilldustry and Spreads GNU/Linux

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Deja Vu All Over Again

,----[ Quote ]
| In the spring of 2009, at a Linux gathering in Northwest USA, a man stood 
| before a large group of Linux Developers and said the same things. I am no 
| smarter than this man, he's forgotten more about GNU/Linux than I will ever 
| remember. I simply gave it some thought before he did.   


Who's Running Dell?

,----[ Quote ]
| Mark Van Kingsley is a successful Linux-based business owner in New York. 
| Fact is, Mark started his business based on my Open Sourced business plan. I 
| put months of research and work into it and it is the perfect example of how 
| a business plan should be structured. Mark was even offered loans to start 
| his business based on his revised business plan. Anyone can receive it simply 
| by asking. But I digress...     
| He decided it was time to get a new desktop. Knowing that Dell had Linux 
| options, he navigated to their website and began his shopping. No one relates 
| an experience better than the person experiencing it, so let me present it 
| straight from the source. What follows is a verbatim account of his 
| experience with Dell Sales on the telephone.    



The Helios Project - Drive To The Future

,----[ Quote ]
| The HeliOS Project is conducting our “Drive For The Future”.  These little
| wonders are being collected so that with every computer we deliver, we will
| include a thumb drive with their system upon it.  We can buy them in bulk or
| you can purchase one and send it to us if you care to participate in this
| drive.  If you don’t particularly want to go out to purchase one, you can
| order one from newegg.com and have it shipped to our address.  If you simply
| want to donate to  our bulk order, you can do on the left column of our main
| page.   Price per unit is $14.95.  If you are donating for one thumb drive,
| please do not include any shipping costs as we get free shipping with our
| orders.


Penguins on parade

,----[ Quote ]
| I don't always dress in a T-shirt and jeans. Sometimes people give me awards,
| and I dress like a penguin instead. Here's a shout-out for the computer
| history museum.



Heroes of Linux and FOSS: Ken Starks, AKA Helios

,----[ Quote ]
| This seems like a good time for a Ken Starks retrospective. This is the man
| who, despite some rather gnarly health problems churns out blog entries and
| interesting Linux projects by the truckload.

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