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[News] Rave Review of Gparted and Sabayon MCE (GNU/Linux)

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In Praise of Gparted

,----[ Quote ]
| The Gnome Partition Editor is not included in the Ubuntu base install, but 
| all you have to do after installation is go to Synaptic and install gparted. 
| That has been a standard step in my post-installation setup and configuration 
| for a long time.   


Sabayon 4 Lite MCE Review

,----[ Quote ]
| Sabayon is a fairly popular Gentoo-based distribution which is generally said 
| to target power-users instead of users who need user-friendliness. Sabayon 
| Linux is developed by Fabio Erculian in Italy.  
| In this review, the normal Sabayon distro won’t be tested, but the recent 
| Sabayon 4 Lite Media Center Edition Revision 2 will be reviewed. This edition 
| is a distro which uses Gnome as the default DE, but also contains Fluxbox if 
| wanting a lighter WM. And consists of XMCE to aggregate media center 
| capabilities.    



Review: Sabayon 4 Lite MCE (Media Centre Edition)

,----[ Quote ]
| SABAYON Linux's live DVD provides one of the easiest ways of getting a
| Gentoo-based system installed on your PC, and its consistent top-10
| Distrowatch listing is testament to its success.


Sabayon - LiteMCE - sneak-peek

,----[ Quote ]
| With sabayon Linux 4.0 rolling on it’s way it’s time to look at some sort of
| a mini edition. We are gonna spin out a mini-dvd instead of a mini-cd. There
| is several reasons for this move and I’m not going to go into them as I don’t
| want to hear comments of not having a dvd drive for whatever reason it is.
| It’s the 21st Century, get with it and get a dvd drive, even microsoft is
| moving to dvd format releases.
| LiteMCE stands for lite dvd version, multimedia center edition. It’s desktop
| environment is gnome. It comes with xmbc for your multimedia. If I recall
| correctly the dvd download will be roughly 2GB.

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