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[News] KDE4 Ecstasy: Lots of Great Applications Coming

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The future of PowerDevil (and of power management)

,----[ Quote ]
| Now, I’ve been eloquent enough, and now I would like to grab opinion and 
| ideas. Do you like it? Would you like to see it in 4.4? Do you think it’s a 
| major improvement and/or sucks? Let’s gather some ideas so that I know where 
| to work on :)    


Kdenlive: Breakthrough in Linux Video Editing

,----[ Quote ]
| In my view, it has for a number of years now been the greatest failing of 
| Linux: video editors have been a joke. No one who is serious about video 
| editing could really be happy in the least with the sorry state of non-linear 
| video editing apps. There have been some decent entry-level standard def 
| programs, such as Kino. If you were masochistic enough to play along with the 
| quirks and straight-jacketed file format limitations of Cinelerra, well, you 
| could spend many happy months trying to get that to work. Sure there are some 
| nice conversion utilities like Avidemux and Handbrake and (for you command 
| line lovers) ffmpeg and mencoder. And high definition? Well, please just 
| forget about it, unless you really like self-torture and inevitable failure 
| and aggavation. Trying to edit 24p HDV in Cinelerra? Been there, done that, 
| and have very little hair left for my trouble.           


Where am I?

,----[ Quote ]
| So that's IP geolocation, next step is to work on geolocation based on 
| wireless access points. Two neat advantages of this: 
| i) Better coarse-level geolocation - record APs visible at home/in the 
| office/parents'/etc., and be able to geolocate at least down to a few km from 
| that.  
| ii) In a building with a whole bunch of visible APs, geolocation down to a 
| few metres. And, unlike GPS, works indoors. 


Social Desktop Starts to Arrive

,----[ Quote ]
| Access to a lot of user-generated information offers a great way to provide 
| online community support. This user-generated content comes from 
| openDesktop.org right now and there is work going on integrating the KDE 
| Forum as knowledge Base as well, so people can help each other via the web, 
| and application developers transparently integrate this knowledge into 
| applications and the desktop.      


Top 10 KDE4 Applications

,----[ Quote ]
| Yakuake - Great terminal application
| Yakuake is a very popular Quake-style terminal application which sits in the 
| background unless it's invoked with the (default) F12 global shortcut. It can 
| inherit Konsole's settings and it is probably the best alternative to 
| Konsole. Just like Konsole, Yakuake supports full transparency effects, 
| various colour schemes and backgrounds, middle-click paste and tabs. 
| Definitely an essential tool.     



KDE 4 Cube without compiz (Eye Candy)

,----[ Quote ]
| I have installed KDE 4 on Arch Linux, it is the version 4.2, and I have
| installed it from the official repositories.


Mandriva Linux KDE Desktop a cut above

,----[ Quote ]
| Two cool shots of my desktop one in 3D running Mandriva KDE,,running desktop
| theme, slim glow, icon theme KDE Crystal.

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