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Re: [News] Sub-notebooks Market is Restored Using Low-cost PCs Running Linux Only

On 2009-05-01, amicus_curious <ACDC@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> "JEDIDIAH" <jedi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
> news:slrngvmi5r.okb.jedi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> On 2009-05-01, amicus_curious <ACDC@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> "Jerry McBride" <jmcbride@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>>> news:i4qpc6xdqp.ln2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>>> Windows 7 will never run on the ARM. Microsoft simply does not have the
>>>> money, time or talent.
>>> Why would it ever have to do so?  Windows Mobile has been running on the 
>>> ARM
>>> processors and numerous others for years along with an appropriately 
>>> sized
>>> version of MS Office.  People can access Exchange and the internet on 
>>> their
>>> cell phones now.  What makes you think that anyone would want a netbook 
>>> to
>>> do the same thing except not be able to make a phone call?
>>     All of your whining to the contrary.
>>     The sky is blue until it suits you to say that it is pink.
>>     Tomorrow you will be claiming that the sky is blue again.
> If you have nothing to say, you would be better off saying nothing than 
> showing your lack of substantive answers. You could at least pretend to be 
> wise.  The way you are doing it, though, lets everyone know how shallow you 
> are. 

     The fact that you guys waffle on motivations and requirements depending
on which way the wind is blowing is VERY SUBSTANTIVE.

	On the subject of kilobyte being "redefined" to mean 1000 bytes...

        When I was a wee lad, I was taught that SI units were        |||
        meant to be computationally convenient rather than just     / | \
	arbitrarily assigned.

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