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[News] More GNU/Linux and Free Software Events Are Here: LVEE, Penguicon

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The Conference

,----[ Quote ]
| The 5th International conference of developers and users of free / open 
| source software “Linux Vacation / Eastern Europe” (LVEE 2009) will take place 
| on July 02-05. The event combines both communication and rest of the 
| enthusiasts of free software, including GNU/Linux platform, but not limited 
| to it.    


Taking My Daughter to Penguicon This Weekend

,----[ Quote ]
| At Penguicon 7.0, there will be Linux lessons and ice cream making (What’s 
| geeky about that? Using liquid nitrogen!). There will be gaming of all 
| sorts –  Jane McGonigal will be running her Free Space crowd forecasting 
| project –  music from the likes of Dual Core, presentations from Jon “maddog” 
| Hall, and a slew of panels featuring science fiction and fantasy authors.    
|     “The twin suns of this binary system are two communities that share 
|     curiosity, creativity, and a welcoming volunteerism ethos. They are the 
|     free/open source software developers and users, and fans of science 
|     fiction and fantasy.”   



How about Portland in September?

,----[ Quote ]
| LinuxCon brings together members from all aspects of the Linux community,
| including core developers, administrators, end users, community managers and
| industry experts.


This weekend: LinuxFest NW

,----[ Quote ]
| In tech circles, Washington state may be best known as Microsoft’s stomping
| grounds -- but it’s also home to a thriving community of people devoted to
| Linux and other open-source programs. That community is gathering Saturday
| and Sunday in Bellingham for one of its big annual events: LinuxFest
| Northwest, now in its 10th year.


'Maddog' Hall: How open-source software can dominate the world

,----[ Quote ]
| Open-source guru Jon "Maddog" Hall, executive director of Linux
| International, spoke to an overflow crowd this morning at LinuxFest Northwest
| in Bellingham, making the case that open-source software is as relevant and
| critical now as ever.

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