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[News] Tomboy's Mono-Free Replacement (Gnote) A Lot Leaner and Faster

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Gnote vs Tomboy and complete Mono removal

,----[ Quote ]
| Has many of you may know, a new project has gotten a lot of attention lately 
| in the Linux world. That project’s name is Gnote.  Gnote is an experimental 
| port of Tomboy to C++, it’s the same note taking application, minus things 
| not done yet, including panel applet, boatload of addins and synchronization, 
| but just be patient and you will have a full port of Tomboy soon.    
| Today I’ve decided to give Gnote a try and install it on my system, I used 
| the unofficial Gnote PPA for Ubuntu provided by Vadim Peretokin, at the 
| moment it still hasn’t been updated to the latest version of Gnote, but I’m 
| sure it will soon. My first impressions were good, it loaded a lot faster 
| than Tomboy, 2.324 seconds versus the 0.280 seconds of Gnote and it was also  
| three times lighter than Tomboy, maybe because of all of the Mono bloat that 
| Tomboy depends on…      



Things to Avoid on Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| Moonlight
| This is Linux port of Microsoft sliverlight apparently designed to compete
| with adobe flash. Silver light doesn't offer anything new that's not already
| offered by adobe flash.
| Linux distros previously included some of the technologies that were
| controversial because they were widespread and to make interoperability easy
| for new users. We don't need this turd and it's not widespread.
| Mono
| Here comes another patent covered piece of junk aggressively pushed by
| Novell.

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