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[News] [Rival] Microsoft Allies Are Dying (Citrix and OQO)

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Virtualization can't save Q1 profits for Citrix

,----[ Quote ]
| Citrix kept pretty tight control on costs, chopping across the board, but 
| booked $20.7m relating to the restructuring it announced at the end of 
| January, that would see it cut 10 per cent of its 4,600-strong workforce. 
| This obviously took a bite out of profits in the quarter, and drove net 
| income down by 80 per cent to $6.93m.    
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| [...]
| This puts pressure on revenues and profits for the XenServer products even as 
| the installed base grows, which it is doing and will continue to do, thanks 
| in large part to the Microsoft partnership and the need for IT departments to 
| get more efficient and flexible.   


OQO might be dead

,----[ Quote ]
| WE'VE RECEIVED an email from a well placed source who said that OQO's last 
| chance at flogging itself off seems destined to fail. 
| [...]
| Last week the outfit ran out of cash and was looking for a white knight. The 
| week before pre-orders of the OQO Model 2+ Ultramobile PC (UMPC) were 
| cancelled after OQO was unable to commit to a ship date. OQO is in such dire 
| financial shape that it has even halted repair and warranty services too.   


They should have gone with Linux.


Microsoft ditches Live Search product upload tool

,----[ Quote ]
| The firm confirmed to users that the tool, which was used by retailers to get
| their products into Microsoft’s search database, had been discontinued late
| last week.


Microsoft cuts CSR spend across Europe

,----[ Quote ]
| Across Europe and the UK, it is thought as much as a quarter of Microsoft’s
| citizenship PR spend is being shelved. Similar cuts have been made in Asia,
| while a source said pullbacks in global and US budgets were ‘imminent’.


Microsoft calls off summer picnic, cites need to reduce expenses

,----[ Quote ]
| "The big reason is to pay attention to costs," said Lou Gellos, a Microsoft
| spokesman.


Microsoft Cancels 2009 BI Conference, Schedules It For Every Two Years

,----[ Quote ]
| Citing the recession and cutbacks in travel budgets, Microsoft has canceled
| this year's October Microsoft BI Conference, according to a posting on the
| company's Web site blog.


Microsoft Origami site to fold by end of April

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft’s Origami campaign came in for both praise and criticism, and while
| they can’t claim to entirely control the UMPC (or subsequent MID) markets
| they’ve were at least initially responsible for promoting ultramobile PCs.
| Now Microsoft have decided to shut down their official Origami project site,
| three years after it was founded.

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