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Explanation of Free Software Capitalism

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Why a Devout Capitalist Loves Free Software

,----[ Quote ]
| When I first began using Linux as my primary operating system, I did so to try to 
| solve some problems I was having with Microsoft Windows.  My computer had begun to 
| feel like it 
| was not under my control.  Updates were being downloaded and installed during 
| inopportune times and they were requiring me to completely shut down my computer 
| nearly every time, 
| or nagging me to do it anyway.  I was running anti-virus software that was buggy 
| and bloated and slowing down my computer.  In order to maintain all of the recent security 
| updates, I had to literally hand over the contents of my hard drive to Microsoft on
| a regular basis to prove that I had not hacked Windows (Windows Genuine Advantage). My 
| music, videos and even the font files on my computer were told what they could do 
| by Microsoftâs DRM efforts.  Being a lover of liberty and a bit of a security freak, I was 
| rubbed the wrong way with many of the issues that Microsoft had taught me I 
| just had to live with.

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