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Re: Explanation of Free Software Capitalism

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____/ Homer on Tuesday 12 Jul 2011 20:33 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee, that JeffM spake thusly:
>> For former Windoze users who are nostalgic
>> or folks who were always Linux users
>> but feel they aren't getting their full share of abuse,
>> there's this (voluntary) "equivalent".
>> http://www.linuxgenuineadvantage.org/
> [quote]
> Linux Genuine Advantageâ is an exciting and mandatory new way for you to
> place your computer under the remote control of an untrusted third
> party!
> According to an independent study conducted by some scientists, many
> users of Linux are running non-Genuine versions of their operating
> system. This puts them at the disadvantage of having their computers
> work normally, without periodically phoning home unannounced to see if
> it's OK for their computer to continue functioning. These users are also
> missing out on the Advantage of paying ongoing licensing fees to ensure
> their computer keeps operating properly.
> ...
> Once you've installed Linux Genuine Advantageâ, you'll want to register
> and send in your licensing fees to receive these important benefits:
> . Your computer, which worked just fine before, will continue
>   functioning normally!
> . Our software which you just installed will not disable logins on your
>   computer (as long as our license server keeps working properly)!
> . It's totally awesome!
> . We might not raise the yearly licensing fees in the future!
> [/quote]
> There's even a Linux Genuine Advantage "crack" on The Pirate Bay!
> http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/3610011/Linux_Genuine_Advantage_Crack
> Freakin' hilarious!

I bet they laugh all the way to the bank in LGA Corp., planning the next
lawsuit for "damages".

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