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Re: Google surge smashes expectations

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____/ Goblin on Friday 15 Jul 2011 08:25 : \____

> http://www.montrealgazette.com/technology/Google+surge+smashes+expectations/5105850/story.html
> "Shares up 12%; Internet titan jumps into social media....Google Inc.'s
> 36-per-cent revenue surge smashed Wall St.'s expectations and eclipsed
> concerns about mounting expenses, sending the Internet giant's shares up
> more than 12 per cent."
> Didn't CEO Steve Ballmer say he was going to "f**king kill Google"?
> Whens that going to happen, the same time the "funeral" of the iPhone
> occurs as a result of WP7 sales? (We all remember that particular
> publicity stunt)

It is easy to see why Ballmer is afraid of Google.

Google is clobbering Office (Web-based substitute).

Google compete with Exchange.

Google compete with SharePoint.

Android kicks Windows' ass.

Google controls information (including search) far more effectively than
Microsoft does. In fact, Microsoft's heavily censored 'search' results
are rarely approached by anyone.

Google's financial success does not really matter and Google too is 
avoiding tax in nefarious ways. It's not a "good" company, it's just
another company, but it's less harmful to Free software than most. In
fact, it tries to encourage students to turn to FOSS (GSOC and beyond).

Google tried to recruit me on several occasions (even months ago), but
those who think that Google is in it for freedom are wishful thinkers.
Google's cash cows (over 90% of the business) are totally proprietary
and some of the rest -- Android included to an extent -- is "open core".
Google might be handy when it comes to dethroning Microsoft and Apple,
which are very sociopathic companies (management teams).

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