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Re: New Interview With Red Hat's CEO

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____/ Homer on Sunday 17 Jul 2011 21:01 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee, that Roy Schestowitz spake thusly:
>> Bill Gates gave the BBC $30 million a few months ago.
> Link?


It's part of that "advocacy" from Gates ($1 million per day to shape the news).

Gates did the same to The Guardian. The following day it started cranking
out Gates PR like no time before (whitewash that critics were appalled by).

>> Can you spell corruption?
> Yes: E r i k  H u g g e r s.
> [quote]
> Q: Let's talk about the iPlayer project. The initiative was widely
> criticized right from the start for excluding non-Microsoft computers
> and devices. What was your reaction when you first heard about it?
> Mark Taylor: My first personal, emotional reaction was frankly, I was
> stunned. And it's back to this 'Auntie' analogy. As I said before, the
> perception of the BBC from childhood right up to adulthood is
> 'Everybody's Auntie'. And when you suddenly find your favorite Auntie
> who has been a part of your life and has always told the truth, when you
> suddenly find out that she's telling lies, conning money out of people
> -- these are all topical issues in the UK press at the moment -- and
> then finally, if you imagine if you walked into a room and found your
> Auntie performing "favors" shall we say (laughter) with shady characters
> who are constantly in trouble with the law, you'd feel a little bit --
> kind of a bit -- what's going on here? When we started examining the
> issue and had a look into what was actually going on with the iPlayer
> project, we found that actually there's a smoking gun leading straight
> to Microsoft.
> Q: Now, when you say a smoking gun, what exactly do you mean?
> Mark Taylor: Well, the -- (laughter) -- the thing is, the iPlayer is not
> what it claimed to be, it is built top-to-bottom on a Microsoft-only
> stack, the BBC management team who are responsible for the iPlayer are a
> checklist of senior employees from Microsoft who were involved with
> Windows Media. A gentleman called Erik Huggers who's responsible for the
> iPlayer project in the BBC, his immediately previous job was director at
> Microsoft for Europe, Middle East & Africa responsible for Windows
> Media. He presided over the division of Windows Media when it was the
> subject of the European Commission's antitrust case. He was the senior
> director responsible. He's now shown up responsible for the iPlayer
> project.
> Q: Now, when the BBC chose Microsoft, they must have known, I mean, how
> could they have made a choice that was so obviously discriminatory to
> other platforms?
> Mark Taylor: Well, it's an excellent question. One would assume that
> they would know that as well. Unfortunately, it's not a question that
> we've found anyone who's been able to answer so far.
> [/quote]
> http://www.groklaw.net/article.php?story=20071021231933899
> It was all downhill from there:
> [quote]
> The cross-pollination of Microsoft and the BBC's iPlayer continued
> yesterday, with Auntie confirming it had hired Redmond's IPTV platform
> Mediaroom and Zune wonk.
> Daniel Danker has taken on the role of general manager for programmes
> and on-demand telly at the Beeb, which means he will have responsibility
> for the iPlayer.
> He will oversee the BBC's online products and services for the
> Corporation's archive, programmes, channels and stations.
> Additionally, Danker will work with the BBC's Audio & Music and Vision
> wings. He has also been tasked with heading up development of the
> iPlayer, as well as the BBC's entire online search estate.
> ...
> The Beeb's previous FMT boss, Ashley Highfield, took up a post with
> Microsoft UK as its consumer and online veep in late 2008.
> [/quote]
> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/09/07/daniel_danker_microsoft_to_iplayer/

It's all in the family. Since then, more Microsoft UK employees at management
level were hired by the BBC (i.e. by former colleagues). Entryism? The BBC
only covers Android when there is bad news now.

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