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Re: Tom Shillton still can't figure out basic maths

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____/ Homer on Monday 08 Aug 2011 18:55 : \____

> Tom the shill Shelton dug the following hole for himself:
>> It happens that Homer formulated :
>>> Verily I say unto thee that Roy Schestowitz spake thusly:
>>>> ____/ Tom Shelton on Monday 08 Aug 2011 14:50 : \____
>>>>> And if you idiots can't use google, then what do you expect me to
>>>>> do about it?  Google's own numbers say that tablets account for
>>>>> 0.9% of the 550,00 activations.
>>>> Got URL?
>>> Not unless there's a URL called tom-shelton-is-lying-fuckwit.com.
>> Well, the articles I read said 0.9% - you say 1.3%... either way,
>> small f'n number dumbass.
> Either way, that number has ZERO to do with Android tablet's share of
> the tablet market, it's the proportion of Android devices running one
> particular version of Android, Honeycomb. Android accounted for /34%/
> of all tablets sold in Q1 2011. The fact that this is only ~1% of all
> Android devices is irrelevant to that fact, and even the "~1%" figure
> is wrong, since it doesn't include Gingerbread tablets, which (as you
> noted later) actually brings the total up to 8% of all activations.
> How stupid do you need to be to not understand that this "~8%" figure
> is the proportion of tablets to smartphones, /not/ Android's relative
> share in the tablet market compared to other systems?
>> And, according to analysis I've seen means iPad is
> Who said anything about the iPad? I've never denied the iPad's market
> share is larger than Android tablets (currently 56% vs Android's 34%,
> according to the IDC).
> I'm just challenging your bullshit that Android's market share is not
> actual sales.
>> in ACTUAL sell through
> What part of "activations" don't you understand?
> 34% of tablets sold in Q1 2011 were running one version or another of
> Android, as measured by /activations/. Google simply doesn't have any
> other way of measuring it, therefore they can't possibly be referring
> to "channel sales", since they /don't sell/ Android ... to /anyone/.
> "8% of all Android devices" does /not/ magically equate to "8% market
> share of all tablets". If anything, it just means "~8%" of the mobile
> market is tablets. Or, more precisely, that "8%" of the mobile market
> is tablets running Android, and that accounts for 34% of tablet sales
> (as measured by activation) in Q1 2011.
> Is that really so difficult for you to grasp?
>> hypocritcal phsycopath.
> It's "psychopath", and it's a rather belligerent and illogical answer
> to your retarded statistical analysis, but that is about the level of
> "reasoning" I've come to expect from you.
> In fact it's the sort of response I'd expect from anyone who idolises
> gangsters like Microsoft. Monkey see, monkey do, I guess.

"I like Linux, I use Gentoo, but Android sucks and has 1% market share" :-) 

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