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Re: Tom Shillton still can't figure out basic maths

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____/ Homer on Tuesday 09 Aug 2011 11:09 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee that Roy Schestowitz spake thusly:
>> ____/ Homer on Monday 08 Aug 2011 18:55 : \____
>>> Tom the shill Shelton dug the following hole for himself:
>>>> hypocritcal phsycopath.
>>> It's "psychopath", and it's a rather belligerent and illogical answer
>>> to your retarded statistical analysis, but that is about the level of
>>> "reasoning" I've come to expect from you.
>>> In fact it's the sort of response I'd expect from anyone who idolises
>>> gangsters like Microsoft. Monkey see, monkey do, I guess.
>> "I like Linux, I use Gentoo, but Android sucks and has 1% market
>> share" :-)
> Yeah, "damning with feint praise".
> I never bought that "I'm just a nice guy who happens to use Windows"
> routine from day one. WTF is a Microsoft MVP (former or otherwise) doing
> in the Linux /advocacy/ group anyway? I mean seriously? Did anyone
> really fall for that bullshit?
> Maybe he really was just naive, discovered all this Microsoft hostility,
> then reacted defensively, but surely he should know the ugly truth about
> Microsoft by /now/. I mean it's not like it isn't well documented. You'd
> have to be either seriously stupid or seriously committed to Microsoft's
> malicious agenda to keep defending them in full possession of the facts.
> No, I think he knew what he was doing all along. He was probably part of
> Vole's "Perception Management" team, playing nice in order to plant the
> seeds of pro-Microsoft "pragmatism" (a la Jono Bacon), but then became
> enraged by something someone wrote (probably me, since I have zero
> tolerance for gangsters like Microsoft, or "pragmatists"), lost the
> plot, and started the inevitable decent into trolldom.
> Now he's just Son of DooFy, and it'll take us another ten years to flush
> him out.
> Pfft.
> I wish Microsoft would hurry up and die already, then all the extremist
> nuts in COLA would have to find a new hobby.

The Apple nuts whom I see are not much better. There will always be some goons
rooting for someone's pocket (a billionaire like Ballmer or Jobs) because
these people allocate PR budgets, trickling down micro-bribes and
delusion through the priesthood known as "PR agencies".

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