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Re: BUSTED: Microsoft is AstroTurfing Again

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____/ Homer on Tuesday 09 Aug 2011 10:11 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee that Roy Schestowitz spake thusly:
>>> Pamela Jones put this quite succinctly:
>>>    "Is your horse *really* faster? If so, why shoot my horse?"
>>> http://www.groklaw.net/article.php?story=20090619161307529
>>> Because they're gangsters.
>> What about the "new Microsoft"?
> Oh yes, I forgot, Vole "reinvented" itself as Snow White, and is no
> longer the evil witch that did all those nasty things to DR-DOS and
> OS/2 Warp back in medieval times.
> Well apart from those pesky Barnes and Noble people that they tried
> to extort money from under the cloak of NDA, using bogus patents of
> dubious provenance and undeclared prior art, of course.
> And all those Taiwanese manufacturers they threatened if they would
> not ship Vole's "tile" phone instead of Android, and making "deals"
> with anyone else too small or weak to stand up to them.
> And building spying technology into Skype, and admitting they would
> violate EU data protection laws by handing over Europeans' personal
> data to American spy agencies.
> And launching a "Screw Google" campaign, complete with orchestrated
> FUD supplied by Burson-Marsteller.
> And another FUD campaign against OpenOffice.org, where they grabbed
> a handful of old case studies, and spun it into something that made
> it look like there was some kind of uprising against OpenOffice. In
> fact the only genuine point they made was that Microsoft Office has
> compatibility issues with everything else, including older versions
> of itself.
> And their Best Buy anti-Linux propaganda training brief, where they
> tout the virtues of "regular Windows updates" on the one hand, then
> criticise Ubuntu's "hundreds of updates per month" on the other, in
> an attempt to make Microsoft customers' month-long wait for updates
> seem like some kind of "advantage", but GNU/Linux's daily updates a
> disadvantage.
> And their predatory acquisition of Nortel's patents, using a cartel
> of Screw Googlers.
> And their equally predatory (and clandestine) acquisition of Novell
> using a cartel of vulture capitalists, primarily to get patents for
> the purpose of attacking Free Software.
> But yeah, apart from that, Microsoft is a totally reformed company.
> Honest.

Don't forget all the people the company campaigned to fire. And the
moles it has had occupying key positions to drain investors'
coffers and betray the public (the new CIO of the White House
is from Microsoft).

Speaking of 'new'-themes reputation slandering, look no further
than Pearly Gates. Monopolies with a new branding/marketing

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