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Re: What's really sad for Apple

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____/ RonB on Thursday 25 Aug 2011 00:11 : \____

> All these lawsuits have set Apple back. Time and effort they should have
> spent innovating has been diverted to frivolous patents and patent
> extortion. You'll note they're hyping the similarity between a current
> Android product (Galaxy) and their prior iPhone (3G) -- not the iPhone 4
> they are selling now. They're falling behind. The newest generation of
> Androids are already out -- well ahead of Apple's newest generation. How
> long before the newest features in the iPhone began aping features already
> found in the Androids? It's going to happen because that's how product
> development works. Now what happens when Apple tries to patent what
> Samsung has already patented? What happens if Samsung gets really pissed
> and sues Apple for "look and feel?"
> Greed does cause short sightedness. Apple might as well settle down and
> either decide to make an exorbitant profit with a large minority of
> smartphone users (Mac cultists), or give up on stiffing their customers,
> lower their profit margins and try to compete on merit. Their "look and
> feel" scam is dead.

Apple has just admitted defeat. its vegetable acting as CEO has done back to
the garden. 

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