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Re: Google Can Makes Linux Tablets Itself

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____/ bbgruff on Friday 02 Sep 2011 23:32 : \____

> On Friday 02 September 2011 22:07 Roy Schestowitz wrote:
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>> It Makes Sense For Google To Own Motorola's Hardware Business To Build
>> Super Cheap Tablets
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | iSuppli estimates the 16GB TouchPad's bill of materials at $296.
>> `----
>> http://www.businessinsider.com/it-makes-sense-for-google-to-own-motorolas-
> hardware-business-to-build-super-cheap-tablets-2011-9
> I have serious doubts about this guy's competence.
> He says:-
>   "On smartphones Google is winning that race, narrowly....."
> Last I saw, there were 5 Android sales for every 2 iphones.
> That is not what I call "narrowly", and neither is it what I call "edging
> past it".
> He goes on to talk about "getting carriers aboard" and "flooding the
> market".  Sure, phones are often subsidised, but surely that means that
> prices differences in the phones themselves are diluted?
> I think he's got it wrong.
> Granted, price is a huge driver.
> The thing to look at though is the "other interests" of the manufacturer.
> imo Google is a bit hamstrung.  Google wants (for its search/advertising
> revenue) the largest possible number of Android devices out there.  However,
> if Google subsidises its own (Motorola) tablets, it poisons the market for
> other manufacturers, and that results in *less* Android tablets in total.
> I can't see Google going that way.
> *However* - keep our eye on Amazon - that's a totally different ball-game!

Amazon pays Microsoft for Linux  (after entryism).

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