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Re: Google Can Makes Linux Tablets Itself

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____/ Homer on Saturday 03 Sep 2011 00:32 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee that Roy Schestowitz spake thusly:
>> Amazon pays Microsoft for Linux  (after entryism).
> Are you sure that isn't just Ballmer's misleading propaganda that really
> only concerns FAT (ref: your recent phone conversation with Keith
> Bergelt)?
> Personally, I'd like to see a mainstream news article that sets the
> record straight on this issue once and for all. Perhaps Keith could do
> an interview.

I can certainly ask him. He encouraged me to phone him any time. So, do we basically want
a separation between FAT deals and Linux deals? From what I recall (I didn't take any 
notes), Microsoft bundles some of those deals under meta-packages, like... one would be the 
file systems thing, another would be the Samba thing (they have a 4-letter acronym for it,
can't recall it ATM) and for Android he said it's really just ActiveSync, which I found 
interesting because it's easy to dodge this one. He also did implictly 
confirm that $5 is the price tag on HTC phones (Microsoft tax). I believe
this number originality came from some banker/analyst in some report.

It's all very confusing and I wish this was public knowledge. We know that patent assurance
from Xandros (DitroWatch declared it "discontinued" 5 weeks ago) is $50, so I assume more
or less the same for SUSE. I don't know if Xandros still has that Web page with the 
$50 figure online, but I took screenshots at he time and Debian developers got 

OIN is trying to collect key patents that act as shield/deterrence and I had
negotiated with someone who has key patents on tablets (Microsoft troll proxies tried
to snatch these off his hands), who after speaking to me for weeks decided to donate them to
"Linux and FOSS". I directed him to the OIN and we're still working on it. The OIN
is concerned about what Microsoft did to MeeGo and Nokia, which is now handing over
its parents to a patent toll, MOSAID (which sued Red Hat last month), to sue Android.
I also told him about entryism at HP amid the news about WebOS. Microsoft is 
a disgusting filthy bully right now. What shocks me is that many journalists
went to sleep or vanished, so nobody seems to be covering this huge anttrust

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