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Re: Reasons to Love GNOME 3

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____/ Chris Ahlstrom on Wednesday 21 Sep 2011 00:01 : \____

> TomB wrote this copyrighted missive and expects royalties:
>> On 2011-09-20, the following emerged from the brain of White Spirit:
>>> On 20/09/2011 17:52, TomB wrote:
>>>> What Gnome 3 *does* have, is the cleanliness of OSX. I find it
>>>> difficult to pinpoint what exactly makes it so, but there's
>>>> something in the rendering of KDE that makes it more like Windows,
>>>> and in Gnome 3 that makes it more like OSX. Does anyone else see
>>>> this?
>>> Could it be the anti-aliasing?
>> Could be. It certainly isn't the overall look, as KDE is way beyond
>> what Windows offers (hell, MS even 'stole' the look and feel of their
>> Windows 7 taskbar from KDE)...
> What? The Win 7 taskbar is nothing to write home about.  And don't you
> have to buy "Ultimate" to get the "preview" functionality of the taskbar
> (where it shows a 20% scale model of the window a button controls)?

Same with the combined  progress bars in Vista8. It's a copy of KDE 4.0.

>> ..., and Gnome 3 is absolutely nothing like
>> OSX anymore. It's just a sort of crispyness that's very apparent in
>> Gnome, and more or less lacking in KDE.
> GNOME, crisp?

GNOME Chris.

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