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Re: Apple unveils iPhone 4s (not iPhone 5)

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____/ High Plains Thumper on Wednesday 05 Oct 2011 00:19 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> RonB on Tuesday:
>>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>> With embargo attempts, fabricated 'evidence' and a lot of FUD,
>>>> Apple has not been kind to Android. Google should just leave iOS
>>>> to rot over the years as it falls further and further behind. It
>>>> should also leave the tyranny known as Apple to rot.
>>> Agreed. I was being facetious about Apple licensing Android. My
>>> point was that all the new iOS "innovations" are copied directly
>>> from Android. When the dust settles, iOS will probably have 10 to
>>> 15 percent of the market, slightly higher than the numbers for the
>>> Mac cultist market.
>> Based on Apple's SEC filings, Mac OS X only has about 4% of the
>> market.GNU/Linux likely has more than that, _globally_ (forms
>> typically measure in the US or through US sites/referrals only).
> Besides SEC filings, it looks like investors aren't impressed also, LOL.
> [quote]
> Apple iPhone 4S fails to impress Wall Street
> By: Todd Haselton | Oct 4th, 2011 at 06:20PM
> Apple took the wraps off of the iPhone 4S today but its stock price
> dipped by as much as 5% as investors looked to the Cupertino-based
> company to release a more impressive next-generation smartphone. Fifteen
> months after last updating its iPhone, investors wanted to see an all
> new design but instead were met with an incremental update in a case
> identical to the iPhone 4. It offers a dual-core Apple A5 processor, an
> improved 8-megapixel camera capable of recording 1080p HD video and
> Appleâs new voice-based Siri technology, but the iPhone 4S does not
> offer a completely revamped industrial design, as many had suspected.
> The iPhone 4S will launch on October 14th and Sprint will join AT&T and
> Verizon Wireless in offering the phone. Appleâs stock closed down 0.56%
> on Tuesday.
> [/quote]
> http://www.bgr.com/2011/10/04/apple-iphone-4s-fails-to-impress-wall-street/#.7518-stage-hero1-11
> or http://tinyurl.com/3dg4sta
> iPhone 4 ME, LOL.

They should use the "s" brand more... 3GS... sPod... sMack!

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