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Re: More of Hypocrite Roy

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____/ Ender2070 on Tuesday 11 Oct 2011 15:08 : \____

> http://techrights.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/irc-log-techrights-09102011.html
> schestowitz And someone today claimed I was anti-Red Hat, which is defamatory
> imho schestowitz The Ender troll played part in that
> Roy, seriously if you are reading this... what kind of hypocrite does this
> make you? Want an example?
> See this:
> schestowitz the anti-govt. opinion is not making the channel look too good
> schestowitz it's what gets police visitng people's homes
> MinceR	the government is not making the pro-government opinion look too good
> MinceR	the government is not making itself look too good
> schestowitz ender suggests overthrowing it
> schestowitz these are dangerous statements to make
> schestowitz Like people whom I hear threatening to hurt bank(er)s
> This is defamatory.... I've never suggested overthrowing the government. You
> also group me with people who threaten bankers with physical violence. I just
> hate the idea of government and wish it didn't exist so that we could have
> true freedom (not slavery with benefits/protection). Money can't exist either
> if you want freedom. It puts you in the hands of a centralized authority who
> can control you financially.
> So, to be more clear: While I dislike government and banks, I don't wish them
> physical harm and I don't intend to do anything about them using violence.

You've suggested getting rid of government, Brandon. Perhaps you'd like to explain
to this newsgroup why policemen came to your house, too.

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