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Re: The SICK Mind of Roy Schestowitz.

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____/ peterwn on Tuesday 11 Oct 2011 10:28 : \____

> On Oct 11, 4:00 pm, 7 <sixplus...@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Gotta make sure the Google seed is correct.
>> schestowitz     you could do that to do lots of thing, inc. to associate
>> Jobs with paedophilia   Oct 09 19:18
>> schestowitz     or Gates with homophobia        Oct 09 19:18
>> schestowitz     and Ellion with sexism  Oct 09 19:19
>> Yea but the problem with that tactic Roy is that RMS has gone on
>> record wrt to those topics and said some very twisted things.
>> Have Jobs, Gates, Ellison done the same?
>> I don't think so.
>> You are totally and completely fucked in the head Schestowitz.
> Either "7" has flipped his lid or is an imposter - more likely an
> imposter, and one with a very sick and warped mind.

it's a nymshifter, an imposter. View my remarks _in context_ and you'll
see what was actually said (it was about defending Stallman in light
of the Steve Jobs remark, using hypothetical examples).

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