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Linux on Wheels

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Tux goes for a spin

,----[ Quote ]
| The Linux Foundation has announced a new event and a new emphasis for Linux: 
| the inaugural Automotive Linux Summit.
| The Auto Summit, which will happen on November 28 in Yokohama, Japan, is 
| geared to "address the growing need for carmakers and Linux developers to 
| collaborate on the future of computing on wheels."
| And, I would suspect, a chance to really try to showcase the in-vehicle 
| capabilities of MeeGo and Tizen, two mobile platform projects stewarded by the 
| Linux Foundation.
| You don't hear much about these platforms' in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) 
| features, except in press releases about the platforms themselves, where we 
| all die a little bit inside when we read the word "infotainment." But it's as 
| good a term as any to describe the class of devices that have come as an 
| option in cars in recent years, like seat warmers. OnStar, GM's big revenue 
| generator, and Ford Sync, an equivalent IVI platform powered by Microsoft's 
| Embedded Automotive operating system, are two examples of this kind of system. 

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