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Re: Ah! Relief!

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____/ Marti Van Lin on Thursday 13 Oct 2011 23:56 : \____

> On 12-10-11 17:11, Homer wrote:
>> Verily I say unto thee that Marti Van Lin spake thusly:
>>> "Ender" lost his job as a coder, about 1.5 year ago, because he was
>>> viciously attacked by that insane lunatic called David "Lefty"
>>> Schleisinger (Alias "Verofakto", "Mr. Dildoshop").
>> Ah, that explains the bitterness.
>> Here's Dildo-guy's side of the story:
>> http://phoronix.com/forums/showthread.php?20559-Does-a-grand-evil-conspiracy-lie-behind-specific-Desktop-Environments&p=114098#post114098
>> Of course, knowing that thug "Lefty", his story is no doubt missing the
>> crucial details of his vicious antagonism that precipitated these
>> events. It seems Lozza's reaction to that antagonism was hyperbole and
>> libel, including baiting "Lefty" with the puerile "paedophile" insult
>> (so "Lefty" claims). The reality of "Lefty's" behaviour provides more
>> than enough fuel for factually correct insults, without resorting to the
>> sort of juvenile taunts that often result in very adult punishments.
> Bullshit, Brandon *never* called "Lefty" a "paedophile". The lying
> dildoshop accused Brandon of homophobia.
> All, Brandon said in his anger was "go suck a dick" and in my book
> that's _not_ homophobic at all.
>> The full extent of it must've been pretty bad, if Lozza actually lost
>> his job over it. At least he can take comfort in the fact that "Lefty"
>> also lost his job at ACCESS, albeit through different circumstances. In
>> the process he also seems to have lost access (ho-ho) to a number of
>> other organisations he participated in, which all list 2010 as his point
>> of termination, presumably because his former employer paid for the
>> privilege, and dildo sales ain't what they used to be.
> Brandon really lost his job as a result of dildoshop's smear campaigns.
> Lozza posted it on identi.ca and Roy Schestowitz, Tim (Goblin) and me
> felt sorry for him and supported him as much as we could.
> Now Brandon Lozza is certainly attacking Tim (Goblin) and Roy
> Schestowitz :-/
>> In the midst of all this, Lozza apparently decided that Roy et al were
>> somehow responsible for his mistakes, because they converted him into a
>> "socialist" and he started hearing voices that told him to libel people.
>> Now he's on a crusade against "socialism", wherever it may be, to rid
>> the world of the ghost of his own failures.
> Oh my gowd, there you have it, communism, anarchy, the end of the world!
>> AFAIAC Lozza and Lefty deserve each other. Maybe Lozza could offer to
>> work as Lefty's dildo-shop accountant, given his new-found love of
>> capitalism.
> Right, but "dildo sales ain't what they used to be."
> But honestly, I just think that Brandon Lozza has turned in
> to a boring mud slinging drama queen :-(

Marti's accounts of this are very accurate. IIRC, the exact wording
from Brandon was something like "have a bucket of cocks" (roosters).

Brandon started to attack me unprovoked because of the causes I 
support, which were the causes he supported even before I met 
him. I think he got too deeply into conspiracy books and then
started fantasising that I was an enemy that needed to be 
rattled. Unlike Mark Bilk, Brandon does not take it well
when people do not agree with him. He told me off because I did
not accept his claim that 7/7 (London bombing) was a government

Sadly, I feel like Homer too is sometimes too dismissive of
people because of minor disagreements. He killfiled Mark
Kent over some disagreement regarding Star Trek IIRC 
(which still bothers Mark, who considers it unthinkable 
that Homer would act like this).

- -- 
		~~ Best of wishes
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