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Re: It's finally here - Microsoft Linux!!!

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____/ Rex Ballard on Friday 14 Oct 2011 00:28 : \____

> Yes,
> Microsoft has finally found a way to use it's monopoly power to extort more
> $billions from software it didn't develop, doesn't own, and has probably
> stolen.
> http://www.marketwatch.com/story/microsoft-and-quanta-computer-sign-patent-
> http://tinyurl.com/5uzmbu3
> That's right boys and girls who spend the last 20 years supporting Linux in
> hopes of breaking the Microsoft Desktop Monopoly - Microsoft has figured out
> that it can threaten to sue smaller companies for patent infringement.  Never
> mind that Microsoft's patents are on code that was released as GPL and LGPL
> code years and even decades before Microsoft ever filed a patent, or that
> several patents were filed on code Microsoft never published and protected
> with nondisclosure and trade secrets protections.
> Apparently, one of the 10 people who has ever seen the Microsoft code, who has
> worked for Microsoft and were never fired, somehow took the patented code and
> contributed it to Linux years BEFORE Microsoft even FILED their patents.
> Of course, Microsoft has a $2 billion a year legal budget, and if Microsoft
> files lawsuits against smaller companies like Quanta, the legal mess alone
> could drain their budgets, profits and any cash reserves in motions and other
> forms of attrition.
> I'm surprised that Google hasn't just told it's licensees that they would
> indemnify them against any Microsoft Patents.  That would be two giants and in
> that scenario, Microsoft has far more to lose, because they have far more to
> keep hidden.

How come you stayed passive when the whole thing started by Novell going *to 
Microsoft* for a patent deal?

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