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Re: I've reached my tolerance level.

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____/ Goblin on Friday 14 Oct 2011 18:02 : \____

> I'm sorry Michael, you've crossed the line.  I watched as you insulted
> my friends, I gave you the benefit of the doubt and also my friendship
> which resulted in most of COLA branding me with the brush they have you.
> There comes a limit though to anyone's kindness and you have crossed it.
> You alliance with Brandon and the tag team effort in the NG was sadly
> predictable.  I will expect you to be spouting the "ancient aliens"
> theories of Brandon very shortly. - Thats fine, I can't do anything
> about it here.  I can though (as in Brandons case) do something in IRC
> and on my sites.  You are not welcome.  You have repaid my kindness with
> back stabbing.  Check the logs, I even defended you in the last couple
> of days when you were not even in the channel.
> That charity of mine is over.  The most tragic part of this was that the
> majority of COLA warned me about you.  I believed that there was some
> normality in you, I believed you did value friendship.  I see now I was
> wrong, very wrong.
> I can only now appologize to COLA who did warn me this would happen and
> in my own stubborn and charitable way I ignored such warnings.
> I have contacted Tom smith directly and this will be cleared up very
> shortly, in the meantime, you have lost someone who actually believed
> there was a shred of normality in you.
> I only hope you can take refuge with Brandon, who in the last few weeks
> of posting has clearly showed why he wasnt welcome in Techrights.
> I'll leave it there.  I don't hold a grudge, I won't pull a "lozza" on
> some angry little childish vendetta as he has done.  However my charity
> with you is over.
> Chrisv and everyone else - you were absolutely right.

There was a brief moment in time when I responded to Snit several months ago
(and got told off for it). Shortly thereafter he attacked me viciously
and even set up a site to attack me. He needs to go back to his psychiatrist.
He was put back in my killfile. Effective trolls pretend to be your

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