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Re: I've reached my tolerance level.

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____/ Goblin on Friday 14 Oct 2011 18:21 : \____

> On 10/14/2011 06:13 PM, Niko wrote:
>> rat shit "chrisv"<chrisv@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  wrote in message
>> news:t2rg97p86i583t949u4dtafat2jajrd6r2@xxxxxxxxxx
>>> Goblin wrote:
>>>> in the meantime, you have lost someone who actually believed
>>>> there was a shred of normality in you.
>>> There really isn't.
>> there really isn't any point to any of your posts, is there turd?
> Well I'd say there is.  He warned me what would happen and it played out
> virtually exactly how he said.
> So either he is able to travel into the future or he does indeed know
> what the individual Michael would do.

You are responding to a very sick bot of a person whose only goal
is to defame chrisv. AFAIK, chrisv is been good at calling out
the trolls who pretend to be impressionable (e.g. Bill Weisgerber,
aka "rat").

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