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GNU/Linux Good for Education

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The Linux Desktop: Rich with educational software

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| Linux for education is a great win, for all PC users. I have read about 
| schools making the move to open source and Linux in the classroom, with 
| countless success stories. I have been a GNU/Linux user for many years, and I 
| admit that I have never really dug into the open source educational software 
| that is available for the Linux desktop, until recently. I also read many 
| articles written by Windows users about how Linux is dead on the desktop. Is 
| it really? When I see articles that put down the Linux desktop, I am almost 
| 100% assured that the author has not even tried to download a copy of 
| GNU/Linux, installed some software and actually given it a test drive. For 
| those that have actually used GNU/Linux enough to know what it is, you 
| generally hear a completely different tone. Linux is definitely not taking 
| over the market, but it is FAR from dead; there is a huge amount of software 
| that comes with each and every GNU/Linux distribution that a lot of people are 
| not even aware exists. To me, this makes the Linux desktop a very viable and 
| economical solution for educational environments. It is also fine for business 
| and personal use as well, but that is a harder nut to crack. As I have found 
| for myself, it is definitely worth taking a look at what software is 
| available; I guarantee you will be surprised.

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