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Microsoft's War on Reverse-Engineering

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Skype Goes After Reverse-Engineering

,----[ Quote ]
| The day of publishing his initial details, Google's Blogger (where his blog is 
| hosted) received a DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) notice that two of 
| his blog entries had to be removed: the post about his success in reverse-
| engineering the Skype protocol and then a second post about more technical 
| details.
| The complainant issuing the DMCA notice was in fact "Skype Inc" and the basis 
| for the complaint is "Source code. The publication of this code, in addition 
| to infringing Skype's intellectual property rights, may encourage improper 
| spamming activities." (Google publishes DMCA complaints to 
| ChillingEffects.org.)
| Skype issued a second DMCA copyright notice after this researcher published 
| more Skype related code. Those files have since moved to being hosted 
| elsewhere. Skype is claiming copyright on the code even though the open-source 
| code was written by the researcher. Another DMCA takedown attempt regarding 
| the same work was issued again in early August when the researcher tried doing 
| a DMCA counter-notice, and he ended up putting up links again to this 
| "copyrighted" work. 

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