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Re: Linux Mint 12 RC - The first look

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____/ ajsmith on Friday 11 Nov 2011 17:01 : \____

> On Fri, 11 Nov 2011 11:37:55 -0500, Owen Wright wrote:
>> "ajsmith" <ajsmith@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> news:c4CdndVPqpcYnSDTnZ2dnUVZ7qednZ2d@xxxxxxxxx
>>>A game-changing look
>> "game changing" - really?
>> how is... [snip]
> It is game changing because the developers have listened to what users
> want, and is delivering a fine operating system that has become number
> one at Distrowatch.
> None of this affects you, Owen, because you are running Microsoft Windows
> XP, Outlook Express 6.00, and therefore are just trolling this newsgroup
> from aioe.org (what a surprise!) to see who will bite.
> What you think, feel or say is of no consequence to me, so please run
> along now.

"Owen Wright" is not a real person. It's a troll that uses over 1000
different names to libel people, defame Linux, and disrupt forums 
("Owen Wright" is just the latest pseudonym). 

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