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Re: New Tour of Kubuntu 11.10

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____/ Marti Van Lin on Friday 11 Nov 2011 12:22 : \____

> On 11-11-11 11:23, William Poaster wrote:
>> On Fri, 11 Nov 2011 10:09:59 +0100, Marti Van Lin wrote:
>>> On 11-11-11 09:24, ajsmith wrote:
>>>> On Thu, 10 Nov 2011 18:33:49 -0500, Jayne wrote:
>>>>> On Thu, 10 Nov 2011 23:33:53 +0000, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>>>> Hash: SHA1
>>>>>> Kubuntu 11.10
>>>>> Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
>>>>> The buggiest of the *buntu versions, by far.
>>>> aioe.org
>>>> User-Agent: 40tude_Dialog/
>>>> Good morning, Moshe/Flatfish/Thousands of other nyms. Hope you're well,
>>>> and Windows XP is working OK for you.
>>> Speak for yourself please, I don't hope s/h/i/t's well, I hope s/h/i/t
>>> feels as miserable as possible :-p
>> And even if Kubuntu 11.10 is buggy, it *still* beats the pile of crap that
>> "One, Micro$oft Way, Redmond" produces.
> Oh well I've been using Kubuntu 11.10 since the Alpha 1 release and IMO
> it is extremely stable.
> So where are all those Kubuntu 11.10 bugs, In Flatso's mind or what?
> I also installed Windows 7 Ultimate a couple of days ago and to be fair,
> it can't even compete with Kubuntu.
> The update system is a complete disaster. It's dog slow (on the same
> machine). It lacks a package manager and no I'm not going to pay for
> this junk. It probably won't survive it's 30 days trial period.
> Kubuntu is a wonderful Desktop Operating System for novices as well as
> advanced users. Providing loads of eye-candy (if you wish), yet still
> requiring half the resources of Win7.

Seconded. Runs on half a gig of RAM.

> In contrast to Windows 7, Kubuntu is extremely user friendly and stable.
> Me thinks the decision to replace PackageKit with Muon is a great step
> forward.

PackageKit was not good as Synaptic in terms of features. All package
managers are miles ahead of the Windows approach which is risky, slow, and
unreliable (running executable installers from the World Wide Web).

KDE and Windows are two different leagues. Why even bring Windows into this

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